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Message posted by Andrew Johnson.

Hey I’m not the most technological guy, but I can tell you one thing for sure I will not ride outside my area without at GPS.  My first one saved my families butts in the backwoods of Maine when the trail to the nearest gas station was closed due to a bridge washout. Doesn’t have to be a fancy unit I just make sure I know how to use the tracking option and a few other things. I always set mine so North is at the top of the screen so it is easy to compare to the local Snowmobile Map.  I lost my GPS in Que… hope the moose who found it is enjoying it.  So I replaced it with a Garmin 650T I found on Kijiji. It happens to be the same unit BRP sells.  Did some research on it and decided it was what I wanted. Got it home to realize like most Garmin units it only comes with USA Topo details, Canada is very limited, see screen shot 1.  SANS has an agreement with Trakmaps who specialize in ATV, Hiking, and Snowmobile trails cards or downloads for GSPs.  After poking around on their website and getting some very good service via “Chat” with Paul. I called and talked to one of their technological support persons Clauldine (ask for her). Again very helpful. One of my questions was do I need to buy Topo Canada first? answer no, second main question was Is the latest NS Map updates in your data base. I know SANS had sent them because I am on the map committee. In two minutes I had the second screen shot on my computer which shows the new re-route of the #2 trail near Aylesford Lake. It also shows plenty of detail for my needs. I ride in Que and NS so I ordered both, by doing so over the phone I received a 10% discount. They also informed me if I had an earlier series of QUE they would upgrade me at another discounted price.

When I get a chance to ride with the software update in the Unit I will post my findings, but if the product is as good as the service I received so far, I really look forward to it.



shot 2 with TrakMaps

SANS Maps are available for Hand Held GPS.  Snowmobilers may now purchase the SANS Map as a download for your Garmin or Lowrance GPS.  Trakmaps is under contract with SANS to develop and distribute the GPS product. The GPS product can be accessed through for a $49.95 fee. Some members of our club have Trakmaps for Quebec and New Brunswick they say it works pretty slick.  Mike Eddy  GM SANS.